We’re told there was another deadly Russian ‘Novichok‘ WMD attack in sleepy Wiltshire, England – and the government’s advice: ‘use baby wipes’. All this and more…

UK Column co-anchors Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson joined by analyst Alex Thomson for today’s news round-up from the UK and internationally.

START – Novichok 2.0 hysteria continues…
‘Devastating Salisbury nerve agent could be put in missiles or even hand grenades…’ Chief Medical Officer: wash clothes and wipe down personal items with baby wipes MSM asks no key questions: deadly nerve agent neutralised with baby wipes…? Amesbury: Swindon Fire Service Tweet ‘not serious, thought to be drug related’ Daily Mail Muggles write Novichok fantasy…article is all speculation Blatant Daily Mail contradictions…no analysis. Press reporting has collapsed Continued Russia-bashing because of upcoming Trump-Putin meeting…?
21:47 – Treason May meets Angela Merkel in Berlin NATO in on the discussions for EU military unification Trump not negative to EU military unification
27:38 – Rolls Royce to sell commercial marine business for £500 million
29:56 – Digital Single Market: copyright directive voted down for now
31:04 – ScotGov argues prisoners will be prisoners…duty of care is absent The Lord President is not amused by ScotGov
33:53 – Cressida Dick (Common Purpose) prorogues the Constitution Police shut down by-election hustings in Lewisham – free speech in great danger Smaller political parties are being silenced during hustings
41:43 – A secret Common Purpose in the MainStream Media Gaming journalist reveals ‘left-wing media cabal – 400 members’ Journalism is now a cartel for the most part
44:19 – Who is creating policy in Britain today…? Journalist fails to ask key question: ‘who created the policy…?’ Which people, what department forms a policy the UK does not need…?
49:14 – Hofschröer case: Please write, donate and visit Grandma B Melanie Shaw to appear at Leeds Crown Court on 10 July