UK Column anchor Mike Robinson is joined by 21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen to breakdown the top stories internationally.

START: Lebanon & Syria : soft power intrigue of NGO Foundations
6:30: The Anti-ISIL plan of America that brings significant dangers
9:20: U.S. aircraft carrier sets sail for the Middle East to battle ISIS
12:00: Western silence on Yemeni war deafens as child casualties rise
15:00: Perpetual low-intensity conflict is fostered to ensure arms sales
19:10: Destablisation of Balkan countries amidst oil-politics intrigue
23:20: #EUReferendumPsyop designed to distract us from T.T.I.P.
29:50: Brexit puts Financial Services at Risk warns David Miliband
32:00: Lavrov : ‘Europe is turning into a region that radiates instability’
34:10: Catholic Church attempts to block child-sex law reform in N.Y.
36:00: Agent provocateurs stoke violence at Trump rallies in California
37:50: Black tie event to celebrate closure of Underground ticket offices