UK Column news anchor Brian Gerrish is joined by guest host Patrick Henningsen from 21WIRE, to discuss a number of controversial topics including the Saudi 9/11 Red Herring, “Atheist activism”, third sector NGOs at home, the film Spotlight, and the bizarre new Swiss tunnel project – marked by an elite VIP public pagan ritual.

START: The audience and scope of Russia Today in the U.S.
4:30: Weatherspoon endorses Brexit with Vote Leave beer mats
7:20: Distraction of Saudi Arabia links to 11th September
9:50: Ex-Cameron aide Patrick Rock guilty of child image offences
12:20: Archbishop Welby admits rampant sexual abuse in the Church
15:20: The breakdown of professional discipline within the Royal Navy
19:30: Appeal of a strongman or radical measures to societal disorder
20:30: Swiss infrastructure unveiled with orgiastic Baphomet rituals
25:30: Elon Musk forwarns of ‘summoning the demon’ through A.I.
28:30: Anglican leadership snubs the victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse
29:50: Pride Festival for United States Atheists with links to Eugenics
35:00: ‘Freedom from Religion Foundation’ subverts US Christianity
39:30: Veterans for Peace demonstrate against War with inspired art
41:30: Amateur photographs from America : vaccines and dissonance
48:30: Schematics for the post-Soviet dissolution of the Western world.