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You’re now an official member of 21WIRE!

There’s more. We would like to launch our own on-demand digital TV platform – accessible for you, our members, configured for both online viewing and also for home and smart TV entertainment systems. This is no light undertaking and it will require some addition resources and technical support. We believe we can launch this channel and keep it a sustainable once we have reached the 300 members mark. We are not sure how long it will take to reach reach that mark, but after we have amassed our Force of 300, we’ll be ready to launch our digital TV channel and provide members with the following:

•  Premium video and audio content
•  Sunday Wire Radio Show in stereo surround sound
•  Curated documentary films & a special preview screenings for members only
•  Regular new video productions
•  Brand new seasons of 21st Century Wire TV show (2019)

Watch this space…

Important Information for New Members:

  • Your ‘My Account‘ page can now be accessed here at any time while logged in. Use this page to keep track of your payment history. Every so often we’ll also post private messages and updates here just for you.
  • You will receive both a payment receipt and a ‘Welcome’ email from this site, 21WIRE.TV, shortly after your membership purchase via PayPal.
  • You’ll also be added to our global email list of 21WIRE members, operated by our email partner MailChimp. We will send you updates on new content and features added to this site, which will be delivered to your email inbox.
  • Shop 21Wire is our online store where members get a 20% discount on all items for sale. Visit your account page to get the special discount code.
  • Our support email address for questions is This is also the ‘from’ email address on all official email correspondences sent to 21WIRE members from our membership email list.
  • Lastly, and we think most importantly, you’ll notice we’ve encrypted our entire membership site at We own the security certificate for this site, and the site is hosted by RackSpace out of San Antonio, TX USA, with redundant servers in every continent across the globe.

We’re sharing these details with our members for transparency, and also to ensure the highest quality and most secure membership experience possible while visiting us and engaging with our membership at 21WIRE.

Thanks again,

The 21WIRE Team