Wednesday, August 10, 2022


CrossTalk: Who are the real ‘Fake News’ culprits?

The sensational reporting by US corporate media has almost fallen off the edge of reality in this new divise, post-election partisan media envirnoment. As evidenced...

Patrick Henningsen on CrossTalk: ‘BREXIT Bullhorns’

The debate over Britain’s EU referendum is still raging. What’s really going on behind the political and media hype? “The meaning of Brexit – the...

Henningsen on CrossTalk: American Foreign Policy ‘Dumbed Down’

Is there any difference in US foreign policy between the two major parties? Just how important is foreign policy in the minds of American...

CrossTalk: ‘Bullhorns Incorruptible’ with guest Patrick Henningsen

CrossTalk: The Panama Papers, the huge story that isn’t – a truly pathetic day for western corporate media. The Dutch voted against the EU’s...

CrossTalking: ‘MSM Never Lie On Purpose’

On a recent episode of Peter Lavelle's CrossTalk program discussing the topic of trust in the mainstream media, or lack thereof, guest Eric Alterman...

CrossTalking ‘Trump vs. Media’

The media is getting their war on with President Donald Trump. What's next?

CrossTalk: ‘Bullhorns Unlimited’ with guest Patrick Henningsen

CrossTalk, with host Peter Lavelle, presenting a number of different topics, including US foreign policy, Syria, NATO, the Ukraine and Crimea. Joining Peter and his...

CrossTalk: Does the US Have a Foreign Policy?

CrossTalking with host Peter Lavelle are guests Mark Sleboda, Dmitry Babich and Patrick Henningsen.

Henningsen on CrossTalk Debating ‘Trump & His Generals’

Has President Trump handed over US foreign policy to an elite clique of military generals? RT says: “Candidate Donald Trump ran on a campaign that...

CrossTalking: Assange and The Criminalization of Journalism

A powerhouse panel discussing the dire straits of real journalism in our times.