Inflation is devouring western economies, especially in the US and UK, and while the media want to continue to blame Putin and Covid for all our economic woes, the evidence clearly shows this stagflation cycle was created by wild government over-spending and the mindless printing of fresh Covid cash. The other unforced error was when western governments decided to sanction Russia and send the peoples’ fuel and energy prices soaring in the process. To cover up their failures in finance and the futility of their proxy war, NATO nations, led by the US and UK, have unleashed the usual fake news and propaganda campaign designed to bolster their half-baked war against Russia. Meanwhile, as NATO eggs on the Zelensky regime to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian, Kiev continues to lose many thousands of soldiers, and huge swaths of its former territory. But western arms manufacturers are loving it, and raking in record profits. All this and more. 

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