This week on GB News, the great British writer and raconteur, Neil Oliver, delivered this sublime address, warning the public about the ongoing globalist fraud we’ve come to recognise as the Pandemic Industrial Complex – a well-funded technocratic regime run by a cabal of dangerous individuals, including the WHO’s corrupt head, ‘Dr’ Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (an actual terrorist), billionaire charlatan and vaccine fanatic Bill Gates, along with various and sundry politicians who are more than willing to sell their ethical and moral principles (assuming they ever had them to begin with) in exchange for a career in power and a piece of Big Pharma’s bottomless treasure trove. Will you submit to the global dominion of the WHO’s new Pandemic Treaty which overrides national sovereignty to enact whatever ‘pandemic mitigation’ program the globalist Covidian managerial class dictates? Watch: