Our weekly documentary film curated by the editorial team at 21WIRE. 

Beautifully shot and edited, this independent short documentary series looks at how unprecedented ‘public health’ laws decreed by authoritarian government led by World Economic Forum protégé Jacinda Ardern – have devastated rural and indigenous communities in New Zealand over the past two years. The government’s dystopian “Traffic Light System” caused thousands of Kiwis to take to the streets to put their government on notice. Despite the constant misinformation spread by government and the nation’s mainstream media, the pro-freedom movement has continued to grow. Not ‘anti-vaxx,’ but rather, a pro-choice, anti-authoritarian movement. The message issued by New Zealand’s freedom fighters could not be any clearer. The people have had enough. Watch:

NOTE: Watch Episode 1 here

Run time: All three parts – total 40 min
“The Truth Be Told” Series (2021-2022)