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This investigative documentary is part dramatic reenactment and part historic analysis, looking for answers as to how a medieval peasant army was able to launch a successful rebellion against the young King Richard II. It’s a story for the ages -about how a group of medieval peasants nearly upended the ruling class. The Peasants’ Revolt, also known as “Wat Tyler’s Rebellion,” was a major uprising which spread across large parts of England in 1381 over high taxes imposed on the lower classes, as the crown struggled to fund its long-running conflict with France during the Hundred Years’ War. The rebels sought a reduction in taxation, and more importantly demanding an end to the caste system of serfdom. Watch: 



Run time: 96 mins
Written by Tony Robinson and David Willcock
Produced and directed by Kashaf Choudhry
Timeline Documentaries – Produced by Spire Films for Channel Four (2004)