The iron curtain continues to fall on Europe, as more countries capitulate to the globalists’ medical apartheid regime, all in the name of ‘staying safe.’ Government in Austria, Scotland, Wales and now Northern Ireland – have already codified into policy the totalitarian policy of vaccine passports and lockdowns for the ‘unvaccinated.’ Can this new wave of fascism be stopped? We also look at the total numbers of adverse reactions from VAERS (US), Yellow Card (UK), and EudraVigilance (EU), and why this data is so crucial. While the fact-checkers try to warn people off looking into VAERS data, the numbers are still exploding and cannot be ignored. Also, Bill Gates continues to buy-off most major media outlets with his foundation cash – as a PR vehicle for his vaccine empire, and by  and securing the media’s loyalty in the process.  

Co-host Brian Gerrish, Patrick Henningsen and Alex Thomson with the end of week news round-up. Watch: 

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