‘Hydrogen – Hope or Hype?’ (2021)

How close are we really – to finding a replacement for hydrocarbons? Here’s one of the leading candidates.


Clean energy. How close are we to finding a replacement for hydrocarbons? ‘Green’ hydrogen produces zero emissions and many believe it holds the key to the future of cleaner and cheaper energy. So is it the big hope for the future or a multi-billion euro mistake? Many believe green hydrogen could provide a miracle solution for countries around the world seeking to ‘decarbonize’ economies. But the technology is still in its infancy. Generating sufficient quantities of green hydrogen would require a lot more renewable energy than is currently available. Right now, almost all hydrogen is produced using natural gas in a process that generates large amounts of carbon dioxide. Green hydrogen, by contrast, qualifies as ‘climate neutral,’ because it’s derived using renewable energy. As a result of its great potential, industry and governments, as well as manufacturers of airplanes, trucks, and even steel – are now investing millions in the technology, hoping that hydrogen will be the new clean power solution of the future. But critics warn of major challenges ahead, saying billions stand to be wasted. Is green hydrogen the answer to the climate crisis?

Run time: 28 min
Production: DW Documentary (2021)