EP #9 – 21WIRE LIVE: Crypto Revolution and Meme Stocks with Tom Luongo

We are now facing a protracted upheaval of the global financial system. Is there a way out?


Is the current debt-based global financial system sustainable, and if not, what sort of system is going to replace it?

Host Patrick Henningsen speaks with independent journalist and market watcher Tom Luongo, to discuss where this trend towards decentralization of markets and leverage is heading, and also what role will crypto currencies and other stable assets (gold and silver) play during what looks to be a protracted upheaval in the way money and business is being done around the world. The recent Gamestop and Robinhood controversy brought the spotlight back to small, independent investors, with hundreds of thousands of newcomers entering the markets during what has been one of the worse years economically (due to government-imposed lockdowns) since the Great Depression. All this and more.