‘How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep’ (2021)

A new look at the ‘gentle sleep revolution.’


Our weekly documentary curated by the editorial team at 21WIRE.

In the 21st century, sleep disorders have dominated the health conversation. We spend around a third of our lives asleep. But more and more people suffer from exhaustion, insomnia, sleep apnea or even narcolepsy. The result is millions of sick days, and economic losses in the billions. In extreme cases, sleep problems can affect the metabolism, leading to obesity, diabetes or Alzheimer’s disease. After generations becoming addicted to sleeping pills, alternative treatments and therapies are now finally gaining attention. This sleep documentary looks at new therapeutic approaches such as sophrology and light therapy. New research has shown that ‘a good night’s sleep’ is absolutely essential – yet the average sleep per night is barely seven hours. Thanks to advances in medicine, we now know the decisive role sleep plays: During this time, the brain clears itself, making room for new thoughts.  These are just some of the issues covered in this look at the “gentle sleep revolution.”

Run time: 42 min
Production: DW Documentary (2021)