Doubts About Safety of mRNA ‘Genetic Intervention’

Despite claims to the contrary, there is no evidence that lockdowns work, nor is there any proof of long-term safety of the new mRNA vaccine.


The following interview was published on July 17, 2020

Radio Munich talked with German Professor Dr. Stefan Hockertz, is a biologist, pharmacologist and toxicologist, who has raised the alarm about a number of unanswered questions surrounding the current coronavirus crisis, challenging lockdowns, and also pharmaceutical interventions – specifically regarding ethics and safety of the new experimental mRNA vaccine. According the Dr Hockertz, lockdown have never been proven to work, and the rushed nature of new mRNA vaccine may pose an unnecessary risk for countless people. All this and more.

Dr. Stefan Hockertz was director and professor of the Institute for Experimental and Clinical Toxicology at the University Medical Center Hamburg Eppendorf from 2003 – 2004, and was on the board of directors at Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Environmental Medicine in Hamburg from 1995 – 2002. From 1986 to 2001 he was a researcher at the Fraunhofer Society in Hanover, and has also worked at the University of Hanover. He completed his first training as a biologist in 1985 and is appointed eurotox-registered toxicologist, and qualified as a professor in toxicology and pharmacology at the University of Hamburg, and professor for molecular immunotoxicology at the University Medical Center Hamburg Eppendorf. Today he is managing partner of tpi consult GmbH, a leading toxicological and pharmacological technology consultancies in Europe.

Listen to this informative discussion with Dr. Hockertz.

First published in German on July 17, 2020
Translation and speaker: John JJ Jones
Interview: Eva Schmidt