Panel Discussion: ‘Coronavirus and the Constitution’

After nine months, the jury is now in: government has grossly over-stepped and abused its power at the expense of the peoples’ liberties.


As the new year approaches and governments in the so-called “free world”, namely the United States of America, continue to grapple with the economic, social and legal fallout from policies meant to mitigate ‘the pandemic’, we would like to highlight a panel discussion from earlier this year chaired by Ronald J. Pestritto at Hillsdale College entitled, “The Coronavirus and the Constitution.” 

Of particular interest is the first speaker, attorney Robert Barnes, who delivered a stunning talk entitled, “Is Freedom of Assembly Dead?” In it, Barnes shines a bold light on how governments and state officials have sought an end-run around the law of the land by using the specter of a ‘pandemic’ to enact the suspension of fundamental Constitutional rights of Americans, in particular the the right of the people peaceably to assemble.

Barnes also commenting on the recent ruling in a federal district court in western Pennsylvania, which stated that there was no basis for arbitrary ‘lockdown’ orders. The judge ruled that when the state was asked for evidence and the supposed ‘science’ upon which the raft of radical policy decisions were taken, they produced nothing of substance – a travesty which amounted to nothing more than “a theoretical white paper being imposed on the people of Pennsylvania.”

According to Barnes, this disjointed situation amounted to men in white lab coats administering little more than an open-ended “live Milgram Experiment” on the general population.

Speaker Robert Barnes was then followed by author and journalist Alex Berenson speaking on “The Failure of Expertise”, and retired lawyer and founder of Powerline, John Hinderaker on “The Politics of the Coronavirus”