REVEALED: The Hypocrisy of Lockdowns Across America

Across America, we are witnessing the hypocrisy of COVID-19 lockdowns by their liberal lawmakers.


The new and special dictatorial powers conferred to politicians and media by this pandemic are unprecedented in modern history.

Democratic Party’s presumptive winner Joe Biden took to the airwaves this past weekend in intimidating fashion, telling the American public that a further “250,000 more Americans will be dead” in next 30 days, unless they follow his diktats and wear a mask everywhere and stay at home locked-down over the holiday season. Biden offered so rational explanation as to how he came up with such a big number.

In his scathing attack on the public, Biden urged Americans not to travel to see their families for Christmas, as he employed a somewhat blunt emotional blackmail tactic, wildly claiming that “with all the trouble you’re going through, you cannot be traveling during these holidays, as much as you want to.” Critics have accused him of using demagoguery to bully the public.

In Los Angeles, Democrat Mayor Eric Garcetti has declared that any movement outside of the home is now illegal and that residents will be subject to arrest unless they can prove that their journey is “essential” or that they are going to purchase “essential goods.”

In San Francisco, Democrat Mayor London Breed has declared all family holiday gatherings as “super spreader events” – parroting the widely held myth that every person is a potential ‘asymptomatic spreader’ of COVID 19.

Like California Governor Gavin Newsom, Mayor Breed was caught dining at the ultra-luxurious 5-star French Laundry restaurant – while she was ordering her residents to lockdown.

Stephen Adler, the ultra-liberal Democrat Mayor of ultra liberal Austin, Texas, was caught delivering a video message ordering his city tpo lockdown and stay at home – from a luxury resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Host Tucker Carlson calls out the hypocrisy of COVID-19 lockdown polices by their liberal lawmakers across America…