Paradise or Robocalypse? (2019)

We’re in a race against time to establish ethical guidelines before technology overtakes us.


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From the filmmakers: “Are we facing a golden digital age, or will robots soon run the world? We need to establish ethical standards in dealing with artificial intelligence – and to answer the question: What still makes us as human beings unique? Mankind is still decades away from self-learning machines that are as intelligent as humans. Already today, chatbots, robots, digital assistants and other artificially intelligent entities exist that can emulate certain human abilities. Scientists and AI experts agree that we are in a race against time: we need to establish ethical guidelines before technology catches up with us. While AI Professor Jürgen Schmidhuber predicts artificial intelligence will be able to control robotic factories in space, the Swedish-American physicist Max Tegmark warns against a totalitarian AI surveillance state, and the philosopher Thomas Metzinger predicts a deadly AI arms race.”

Run time: 42 min
Film by Uri Schneider
Released by DW Documentaries, Germany (2019)