Die Hard Swedes: Was Sweden’s Approach to COVID Better Than the Rest?

Critics claim that it was risky and wrong, but are they correct?


Diehard Swedes is a short film about how the country of Sweden managed its Coronavirus ‘crisis’, as it worked to diminish the threat of the virus by keeping society and economy open and pursuing a goal of ‘herd immunity’ – a strategy considered risky by many, but not the Swedes.  Critics claim that it was wrong based on its higher death rate than its Scandinavian neighbours, but are they correct?

The government’s balanced approached has proved popular among Swedes, with one working mother saying, “I can understand that other countries such as Italy had to shut down in panic, because people are really dying like flies, but I think it’s a sober strategy the [Swedish government] chose.”

Watch this short documentary by Journeyman Films