Victor Davis Hanson: On Corona, California, and the Classical World

A fascinating perspective on the crisis from one of America’s unique social and political commentators.


It turns out that history has much to teach us about people, plagues and pestilence.

In this episode of Uncommon Knowledge, author, classic scholar and farmer, Victor Davis Hanson, lives in the San Joaquin Valley of California, shares his observations of government, and scientific and medical communities amid the COVID-19 crisis, as well as discusses the current situation in detail, including the difficulties encountered by farmers, by research scientists, doctors and government officials, and why some areas of the country are affected more than others. It’s still unclear exactly how Donald Trump has performed during the coronavirus crisis. Hanson, a conservative, calls this “the perfect storm” which has led America into a potential disaster driven by a media-induced mass panic, and also talks about what plagues of the ancient world can teach us about how to best manage and get past the situation the entire world finds itself in. Hanson also argues a highly controversial and contentious claim that it’s possible the Chinese might be responsible for the ‘accidental’ release of the coronavirus, and blames the Chinese leadership for being irresponsible and helping to spread the virus via air travel. Has a New Cold War begun now? Hanson also gives his predictions on the 2020 election between Biden, Trump and a surprise Democratic candidate.