BERNIE vs BUTTIGIEG: Iowa Caucus Disaster Reveals Democrats’ Elite Digital Mafia

The Iowa Caucuses primary contest has opened the lid on an elite-driven corrupt system which underpins the Democratic Party.


The Democrats really had a rough week. Trump’s impeachment acquittal rocked Capitol Hill, but the real blow to the Democratic Establishment came during the Iowa Caucuses primary contest – which quickly descended into electoral chaos after the party’s dodgy digital election App failed to record votes – part of a series of incidents which allowed centerist Pete Buttigieg to come from behind to challenge front-runner Bernie Sanders. But the story didn’t stop there: lurking quietly behind this chaos is a group of billionaire elites and their digital mafia – determined to game the outcome of the 2020 Election. 

21WIRE editor Patrick Henningsen joins UK Column’s Mike Robinson to deconstruct Washington’s latest crisis of ‘democracy.’