Embarrassing Media Moment Signals Death Knell of Biden Campaign

Long hailed as a “top tier candidate” and a “front-runner,” Biden has become a near no-show.


Joe Biden was meant to be the the party’s Great White Hope. From the onset, it never really added up though. Now everyone can see why.

When Today Show reporter Savannah Guthrie challenged Biden on Sunday about his son Hunter’s dubious oil and gas enterprise in Ukraine, an embattled Biden immediately became defensive, lashing out at the reporter and claiming that she ‘didn’t know what she was talking about.’

This embarrassing media moment really signaled the death knell of the Biden 2020 campaign. Biden tried desperately to tout his electability bona fides by claiming he was the only Democratic candidate with “broad support,” but poll numbers do not reflect the imaginary world he and his party’s elite wing are attempting to project on the consciousness of the American public. The result: a crippling fourth place finish in Iowa.

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