UKC News: Impeachment Circus, EU Kills Iran Nuke Deal, Silicon Valley Censorship

Co-hosts Patrick Henningsen and Mike Robinson do a deep dive on key issues affecting the US, Europe and Middle East.


This week saw the dramatic commencement of Act Two of Capitol Hill’s Impeachment Circus, as House Democrats made the arduous journey across the foyer to the Senate for the trial of Donald Trump. They didn’t get off to a great start though. Meanwhile, EU leaders finally caved into pressure from the Trump Administration, joining the US and Britain in helping to sabotage the JCPOA Iran Nuclear Deal. We break down all of the key points and what it really means. Also, UK government is attempting to implement the most draconian censorship regimes in history, coupled with a state-sponsored propaganda arm which seems to be employing the exact same methods used during the Cold War, while in America, Silicon Valley firms have entered into an open fascist arrangement with the Federal government to crush free speech online. All this and more.

Co-hosts Patrick Henningsen and Mike Robinson break down the top stories from this week.