‘Imprisoned: The Man at the Party’ (2019)

A heartbreaking but incredible story of persecution and redemption.


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“Jerome Morgan was just 17 when a 1993 Sweet 16 party went terribly wrong, and he was falsely convicted of murder. He was sentenced to life without parole at the notorious Angola Prison, the largest maximum-security jail in the US. In 2001, a legal organisation called Innocence Project New Orleans (IPNO) took up Jerome’s case and discovered crucial police files that had not been presented in court. They proved that Jerome could not have committed the crime. Two key witnesses also came forward to change their testimonies, claiming that detectives had forced them falsely to identify Jerome as the killer. Jerome Morgan found freedom after 20 years behind bars. This is his story in his own words, along with those of his friends and lawyers.”

Watch this heartbreaking but incredible story…

Run time: 25 min
Director: Mikhail Barynin
Productions: RT Documentaries

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