UKC News: 2019 Year in Review Special

2019 has been a year of upheavals, scandals and revelations – here are some of the important ones.


2019 has been a year of upheavals and transitions, of scandals and revelations. In this special end-of-year episode we cover some of the important ones – like the proliferation of protests and uprisings happened around the world, as well as the noticeable trend towards nationalism, coupled with some governmental shifts towards constitutional reform. Also, the Brexit conversation invariably leads to controversial question of EU Military Unification and whether the UK will be included in this new pan European defence project. Also looming large this year were the Jeffrey Epstein and child abuse scandals which have rattled elite circles and institutions. This is followed by the global move towards authoritarian censorship – both at state and corporate levels – which is being led by the UK and Boris Johnson’s government who are more desperate than ever to shut down dissenting opinions and any real information which embarrasses those in power and exposes the corruption, crimes and misdeeds of state. All this and more.

UK Column News hosts Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen are joined by team members Brian GerrishAlex Thomson and David Ellis.