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Recent events in Bolivia are cause to take a brief look back at history of this country located in the heart of South America, and now in turmoil again. This story goes right back some five centuries to its ‘discovery’ by the Spanish Empire, and to its subsequent liberation under the auspices of the continent’s Bolivarian Revolution. “Bolivia in Transition” was released in 2009, and delves into the larger political transformation from a colonial and US-European-dominated client state, into an Indigenous-centric state where the government of Evo Morales attempts the impossible – to eliminate generational poverty in one of the continent’s poorest nations. Bolivia joins Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay among others, in a Bolivarian renaissance based on native self-assertion, anti-Imperialist foreign policy, and the reclamation of its land and resources at home, and the simple concept of dignity and pride. Watch:

Run time: 20 min
Released by Toronto Bolivia Solidarity (Canada 2009)