Regarding today’s case hearing for #JulianAssange at Westminster Magistrates Court in London – a grave injustice is taking place. This is an important message for supporters of the free press, free speech and the right due process. 21st century society has now reached a critical impasse. Quite clearly, governments, corporations are waging war on whistleblowers and journalists. It’s happening everywhere, and if left unchecked, it will undermine society and the last vestiges of democracy…

Patrick discusses why this issue is important right now. Watch:



  1. The polarized world and who’s got the monkey wrench to throw into gears of this worldwide civil war?
    Our courts are missing. The we the people courts are gone replaced by liar law. Inquisition’s are the order of the day, Judge made law.
    Enter Anna von Reitz and reconstruction. Right now most people in the US consider themselves to be US CITIZENS (ALL CAPS) Not a grammar. America that I grew up in had Justice of the Peace courts, which were laughed at, but were for men to make a claim against another man/woman. A level field just common law.
    We as US Citizens are under municipal law and under the US govt, but we should be above that as our right is to be members of one of the 50 nation states. Our lawful right is to be Minnesotan’s, Iowan’s, Kansan’s.
    The bankster’s, and lieyers have set a trap and US CITIZENS will pay for all their crime, but we just have to make our claim as a Minnesota National, Iowa National to short circuit all those claims.
    Anna has set up a website to make your claim.

    Thank you Patrick and Mike for all you do.