The China Hustle (2017)

It was all going swimming well, until someone blew the whistle and brought down one giant house of cards.


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As Gordon Gecko famously said, “greed is good,” an indelible line from the 1980s cinema classic, Wall Street, where insider trading and junk bonds were the path to untold returns. This documentary depicts another Wall Street, fraud, one that continues to occur in the United States, where small, otherwise uneventful Chinese companies are hyped as veritable ‘gold mines’ and then sold to American investors on the promise of easy and big returns. It was all going swimmingly well, until an independent investigator blew the whistle and threatened to bring down one of the biggest financial house of cards in US history.

Run time: 1 hr 24 min
Director: Jed Rothstein
Narrator: Dan David
Magnolia Pictures (2017)