Google and Facebook’s Automated Censorship Program (I Hope You Can Speak Chinese)

This is all part of a wider political agenda.


Here’s an incredible analysis by Mister Metokur exposing the highly unethical, discriminatory, collusive – and ultimately illegal practices which are being implemented by Google, Facebook, Twitter and other social media cartel platforms in order to erase political speech which they seek to suppress. This is censorship.

“Limited state” censorship

According to new reports, the new methods are not merely the manipulation of metrics used to downplay content. These are incredibly clandestine and very sinister measures: without visibly shutting down an account, this new automated censorship process will simply make an account holder’s posts invisible to their friends, fans and followers, in what Google/YouTube is calling “a limited state” in order to ‘isolate and contain’ a targeted user – even if they have NOT violated the user terms of services. This is designed not only to ‘disappear’ important opinions and information – but also to frustrate users, in the hopes that they will eventually abandon the platform as a viable content distribution network.


We believe that Facebook may also be implementing similar restrictions on political speech. Mark Zuckerberg’s admission to Angela Merkel that Facebook was working on eliminating ‘hate speech’ was an early indicator, and undoubtedly the election of Donald Trump, and the subsequent scapegoating of “fake news” by Clinton supporters, has since pushed many ‘progressive’ Silicon Valley executives over the edge. However, things may have advanced considerably since then. On August 5th, Editor Patrick Henningsen had his personal Facebook newsfeed for 21WIRE articles ‘disappeared’:

UPDATE: Sunday afternoon GMT, it seems that the invisible admins at Facebook has (quietly) re-opened his profile’s newsfeed which seems to be visible to some of my friends now, although yesterday’s posts are still HIDDEN (you can see them by scrolling down his timeline). They did not respond to Henningsen’s written complaint via customer service however – no surprise there, as they never have done before.

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