On numerous occasions 21WIRE has exposed the tradecraft of the Cable News Network (CNN), showing how they craft propaganda for different purposes, and always to further a social engineering or geopolitical agenda.

The is a video shot a day after the London Bridge Attacks, where it appears that CNN has been caught staging a fake demonstration-protest using London Bridge as the backdrop. Notice the near full film crew present including standby props, set dressers, lighting and make-up staff – all working to stage this fake scene for CNN claiming it’s really happening “on the streets here in London.”

Note the presenter stating on camera here that you are meant to be witnessing “a spontaneous peace group” who are “laying flowers on the street.”

The narrative being crafted here by media producers is designed to depict a ‘British Muslim backlash against the terror attack,’ and ‘Muslims showing solidarity with victims of terror.’ While these sentiments may be very genuine and real in Muslim communities across the UK, the scene itself being produced by the mainstream media – complete with signage, the actors – is a complete fabrication. Regardless, the mainstream media are still attempting to pass this Astroturf production off as some sort of ‘grassroots street demonstration’ when in fact it’s entirely contrived. It’s possible that footage from this fake event was also used by the BBC as well.

Update: We cannot verify the video below; however, it does appear to be a live capture of the CNN report that aired containing some of the footage in question.