21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen is back at the UK Column studios, and joins anchor Brian Gerrish to cover the top news stories for Britain, Europe and the US…

START Weather & the International Travails of Patrick Henningsen
01:24 Research for a Commissioned Article on the ‘Migrant Crisis’
01:58 Live reportage : the Realities of actually Independent Media
03:47 Religion Tests? Donald Trump’s outbursts and non-policies
06:21 Clinton Health-scares? Bill is the one to watch for : a Corpse
07:52 Privatisation of the NHS : Myth of a ‘Public’ Health Service
11:47 Boris Johnson on ‘Standby’ whilst the PM galavants abroad
13:12 Stasi Britain – A Conservative form of ‘Collectivist’ Tyranny
17:43 Russian Defence : a lesser budget delivers better Equipment
22:14 The Church Abandoned its Station at the most critical hour
24:52 Psychometric tests & selection inside the Institutions of State
25:21 Lord Green of HSBC : Welby, Lagarde, Satanism & Wealth
31:35 Ex-PM David Cameron equipped with religious pretensions
35:47 Police Whistleblower stonewalled by the British government
39:54 Bizarre : ‘Non-Lethal’ weapons that persist in Killing people