More BREXIT delays announced, along with Turkey’s serious geopolitical shift, with Gulen spillover in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Today’s UK Column News with anchor Brian Gerrish, 21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen & guest analyst Alex Thomson.

START State warns against the sun because people are incapable of life
02:13 Brexit obfuscation as legal challenge reaches the High Court
05:25 Nigel Farage is a pied piper whose task is to redirect dissent
14:32 Erdogan & the situation in Turkey : a grim purge ongoing
23:41 Armenian Hostages & war reflares in Nagorno-Karabakh
29:56 ‘The story of the Dochertys resembles a Medieval Morality-play…’
38:49 NATO threat for Turkey | Wikileaks | Axe Murderer in Germany
47:12 Anthony Charles Lynton Blair sows death; continues to evade justice
53:28 Sir Chilcot : safe pair of hands to neutralise any real inquiry into Iraq