This week’s documentary feature film curated by our editorial team at 21WIRE.

To understand a key dynamic in the Middle East and Central Asia today, one needs to consider the Kurdish people, currently straddling Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Armenia. This film offer some insight into the people, their traditions and their national identity…

Producers: “Before its fall, Sadam’s regime left behind a region infested with chemical bombs, hunger, refugees and more than 180,000 dead. A story narrated in the first person, in which a tragic past contrasts with a present loaded with hope. Today the ‘Peshmerga’ are looking towards a brighter future. They don’t need to face death anymore.”

“Mouth is not a hole that can be covered with mud” – That’s what every Kurdish would answer if somebody ask him about the dark years of war.

Run time: 50 min
Direct: Israel de Santos
Distributor: New Atlantis
Country: Spain