Another powerful UK Column show…

UK Column News anchors Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson present today’s top stories in Europe and internationally, including Britain’s Brexit-depressed students, the Boris Deception, the EU Army, NATO, subversive ‘change agents’ embedded in government, and financial corruption out of the City of London.
START propagandised students depressed because of the Brexit
2:17 satire of Theresa May & the state of British border policy
3:12 prolonged slowdown for City jobs after EU referendum vote
3:59 Boris Johnson standsdown from Prime Ministerial race
4:58 Oliver Letwin – ‘This man is running the country…’
6:14 the role of abuse networks in establishment politics
7:57 a profound corruption throughout the British State
10:42 treasonous proclamations from Michael Fallon MP
14:37 bilateral subversion via the Franco British Council
18:23 nauseating lies from NATO Kosovo Force initiative
21:27 geopolitical breakdown of transnationalist constructs
22:25 a massive online innovation community : one purpose
25:51 the ASEAN Leaders Programme & Smart Cities drive
27:48 infantile training schemes used to destroy the intellect
31:52 a sinister case of indecent exposure at a police summit
35:26 Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture
38:15 integration of social services into the education system
39:42 Cryptome : a wikileaks equivalent without the fanfare.