This week’s documentary film curated by our editorial team at 21WIRE.

Make no mistake about it: this is a film about transhumanism. In many ways, this documentary is actively promoting the social engineering principles that support transhumanism. If you are opposed to the idea of transhumanism, then be warned: this film might seems annoying at times, and contains a steady stream vapid rhetoric and techno-fetishism from futurist luminaries like Ray Kurzwel and his vision of an artificially intelligent singularity. However, if one is to really understand the arguments put forward as well as the people who are pushing them into contemporary culture – and how transnational commercial interests, facilitated by a culture of convenience are driving our collective future, then this documentary film should be considered required viewing.

Director: Barry Ptolemy
Ptolemaic Productions/Therapy Studios
Run time: 1:23.39