UK-COLUMN-610x413UK Column anchor Brian Gerrish and guest co-presenter, Patrick Henningsen with breaking international news and analysis including the record-breaking mass shooting event in Orlando, Florida – an event which reported 50 dead nightclub patrons. This event took place in the early hours of Sunday morning EST, and not surprisingly, this story is one of the most bizarre and anomaly-ridden mass shooting events seen yet. UK Column breaks this story down in detail, along with the overriding political implications, both domestically in the US and internationally.

START Mediatisation : the Queen that Betrayed her people
2:50 known-wolf Orlando shooter sets American record
8:40 links to S.I.T.E. intelligence & private security firm
11:30 perception theatrics as US Media disseminates lies
17:40 storm of relentless propaganda stonewalls questions
23:20 private firms linked to assassination & prisoner abuse
25:50 American politicians scramble to weaponise narrative
29:30 singer executed at the end of her performance in the US
32:20 additional potential shooter equipped with rifles detained
37:10 British intelligence apparatus awash in subversive actions