Before the weekend, it was reported by AP and other major news outlets how Washington openly asked Russia to stop bombing al-Nusra Front targets in northern Syria.

Who are Al Nusra Front you might ask? They the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda. If you think there is something very wrong with this picture, you wouldn’t be alone. Washington claimed that they don’t want Al-Qaeda to be bombed because this risks hitting CIA-backed “moderate rebels”.

Three days later, in a type of ‘Tet Offensive,’ a 2,000 strong combined force of Al Nusra terrorists and US-backed “moderate” semi-terrroristic rebels began laying siege to civilian neighborhoods held by Syrian government and Kurdish security forces in Western Aleppo, Syria. Already, hundreds of innocent civilians have been killed in shelling by Al Nusra and the “Moderates”.

Was this attack the reason the US were desperate last week to get the Russian and Syrian Air Forces to stop their bombing of terrorist targets?

Who are Washington and its Allies trying to con here? 21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen lays the Washington’s duplicitous agenda bare in this stark commentary for RT International…

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