UK Column News host Mike Robinson and guest co-host Patrick Henningsen start the week with another extensive world news roundup…

START – Immigration: Marrakesh Political Declaration
Human trafficking = £130 billion profit per annum, 21 million victims
UK government funding for prevention of trafficking: £150 million
Modern slavery referrals up 70.7% last year…
US immigration: child separation policy started with Obama
15:35 – US: after Kim meeting, Trump turns to Putin
Anti-Russian hysteria continues in MainStream Media
18:54 – Obama’s silky lie and FBI bias in the Clinton investigation
22:32 – Germany: government coalition on the verge of collapse…?
25:07 – Alternative View DVDs available for pre-order
Frome Stop War event: Reverend Andrew Ashdown speaking, 22 June
25:45 – EU decides to extend sanctions on Russia over Crimea
Sanctions based on the lie of ‘illegal annexation’ after Crimean referendum
More hypocrisy: no mention of illegal overthrow of Ukrainian government
29:19 – Anti-Russian propaganda: photos ‘appear to show’ bunker upgrade 30:49 – Fancy Bear exposed: the people behind the hacking group
33:50 – Israeli jets strike 9 targets in response to ‘explosive kites & balloons’
34:47 – War on Want: UK government is complicit in Israeli war crimes
36:47 – Fake news and disinformation: dogs killed in Russia…
38:58 – Nomi Prins: the central banking heist has put the world at risk
43:00 – Brexit: EU Withdrawal Bill returns to the Lords today
43:49 – Transformation agenda – pensions: where should the money go…?
Climate change, poor corporate governance and ‘socially harmful practises’
Private pensions to be used to drive forward government policies…