Crimea For Dummies (2014)

Did Russia really invade and ‘annex’ The Crimea?


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Did Russia really invade and ‘annex’ The Crimea? According to the West, the answer is ‘yes’ and they have since built their whole anti-Russian policy and punitive sanctions on top of this popular narrative. Back in 2014, a Los Angeles film school graduate named Miguel Francis Santiago traveled to Crimea to see if the peninsula was really under Russian military occupation and if life there has changed radically since it was reunited with Russia. Follow Francis as be explores Crimea’s beautiful coast, its history and culture, all the while probing its inhabitants about their attitudes regarding their newfound Russian citizenship. What he discovers completely dismantles the US and UK mainstream narratives on this highly controversial topic.

Written & Directed by: Miguel Francis Santiago
Run time: 26 min
Produced by: Novosti TV (2015)