Syrian Boy Featured in Douma ‘Chemical Attack’ Video Tells His Story

Hassan is doing quite well physically, and did not appear to suffer any injuries from a chemical attack.


A young Syrian boy, Hassan Diab, 11, who was featured in the recent video of the alleged chemical attack in Douma, has been found and he’s speaking to journalists.

RT Arabic caught up with Hassan and his father to ask them what happened on April 7th. The boy can be seen prominently featured in video footage that was posted to social media by the White Helmets and a group called “Douma Revolution” – a video that was instantly taken by the mainstream media and promoted as fact across all of their networks.

In the above report, Hassan told the journalist that he was with his mother in a basement in Douma when they were told to go to the hospital. When they arrived at the hospital,  someone grabbed the boy and poured water on him as the video cameras began to film him and others in the room. Hassan’s father rushed to the hospital to check on his son, adding:

“I was very surprised, and asked what had happened, why my son’s eyes were red. I found out that it was water, but it was cold, he could have got sick, he was undressed.”

SouthFront is also reporting that the boy participated in the video in exchange for the promise of various sweets and rice. It’s clear from the interviews that Hassan is doing quite well physically, and did not appear to suffer any injuries from a chemical attack. Hassan’s father said there was no chemical attack in the town.

Moscow is planning to show the Hassan video at the next UN Security Council meeting. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said Thursday:

“If anyone should become the main speaker of these days, the main figure in the UN Security Council, then I think this very boy, Hasan Diab, and his parents should tell the Security Council about the White Helmets and how it prepares its fake [footage].”

21WIRE has covered extensively in the past how groups like the White Helmets and their terrorist-linked ‘moderate rebel’ affiliates use children in their propaganda videos – designed to evoke ‘global outrage’ and push for more military intervention as their grip on the country of Syria declines.

Two such examples that remind us of this latest stunt in Douma are the “Dusty Boy” Omran Daqneesh and little Bana Alabed of Aleppo.