Status Update Here:

Dear Members and Subscribers,

Firstly, I would like to say apologies for not being in touch for while. As you know, we have been busy and in the media mix, covering a number of crucial stories over the last few months.

I wanted to let you know about the current situation which is affecting the visibility of 21st Century As of Tuesday April 10th, 2018, our 21st Century Wire has been under a sustained a heavy Denial of Service (DDoS) cyber attack. When this attack hit, we were not the only ones. Other leading alternative news websites were all hit at once with near identical attacks including South Front, Hands Off Syria (an antiwar activist organisation), Fort-Russ, Syria News and a few others – all of whom are covering the situation in Syria closely and from a truthful stance. This attack is being carried out in a similar fashion to what happened to Craig Murray’s blog two weeks prior. In addition, Facebook has now begun total bans on certain websites, including South Front. Based on the fact that numerous other leading alternative sites were hit at the exact same time on Tues, we believe that it’s not “highly likely” but 100% certain that the party attacking our platform is a state actor, and one with a vested interest in prosecuting another illegal war by way of deception, once again, based on a false pretext. The entire false case being held up by the US and UK is based on claims and uploaded videos made by the White Helmets – who are in fact a US and UK-funded pseudo ‘NGO’ which operate only in terror-held areas of Syria. Their prime directive and raison d’etre is to do exactly what they are doing now – create a case for western intervention in Syria. It is no coincidence then that has been singled out for attack as we house the largest White Helmets research archive on the web, thanks to the hard work of our associate editor Vanessa Beeley who is on the ground as we speak in Damascus – bravely working to help bring our audience the truth about the West’s dirty war on Syria. In 2015, we blew open the White Helmets story and proceeded to keep digging through their rubble of lies to get a true picture of what this western construct was all about. Many dubious mainline organisations were not happy about this though, including Reporters Without Borders and others. Now the world can see the true purpose of the White Helmets: to serve-up the false pretext for another regime change war in the Middle East. From our government, their allies to a bevy of proxies, we are witnessing a criminal enterprise which has the resources to wage war on many fronts including the information sphere. And yet, we found their Achilles heal, hiding in plain sight. Unfortunately, the establishment wants to try and silence those of us who are exposing such corruption. This recent cyber incident is the culmination of a very tough year indeed, following our de-ranking by Google’s search engine last April. There have also been major attacks from mainstream media (The Guardian) and even other alt media outlets – and all the attacks have one thing in common – they are related to our work exposing… the White Helmets. Interesting how that worked out.

On the cyber front, we are working on fixing this situation as we speak. Hopefully we can repair and redeploy our flagship site as soon as possible.

PHOTO: Patrick Henningsen with Vanessa Beeley and activist Pierre Le Corf in Aleppo, Syria (2017)

Those of you who know us and support us, know that we are a small and independent operation and that we cannot afford the same level of security as bigger well-financed operations, but we still need to remain online while sustaining heavy fire and we’ll need more help going forward to make that happen. Nonetheless, we’ll still fight our way through this in hopes to get to a stronger position down the road. We’ll work it out. That said, if not for 21WIRE members like you, we simply would not be here doing what we do. That’s the truth!

For this, I want to thank all of our members for all for your ongoing support. We very much appreciate it and will continue to need it as we progress. Undoubtedly, together we ARE making a difference.


Patrick Henningsen
Editor and Founder
21st Century Wire