SUNDAY SCREENING: Sex, Drugs & Refugees (2018)

This is one of the sordid byproducts of the West’s disastrous policy against Syria…


It’s not enough for concerned Europeans, Americans and Canadians to say they care about ‘the Syrian refugees.’ Instead they might take a look in the mirror and realize that they are in fact paying for the proxy war which has created this refugee crisis in the first place.

This is an extremely disturbing and dehumanizing story for sure, but one which must be told – but not in the western-centric, superficial and myopic way in which deep state aligned outlets CNN, or Channel 4 might tell. It’s a story about Syrian teenagers in Athens, Greece who have resorted to prostitution to survive. What the western mainstream media and politicians do not want to address is the ugly truth that these young boys have fled to European shores as a result of the US, UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Canada (ostensibly NATO), along with Israel, the Gulf states and of course Turkey – all partners in a joint proxy war over the last 7 years which was designed to destroy the sovereign state of Syria, with the eventual goal of breaking it up into smaller regions and Bantustans. While European aid agencies, NGOs and approved contractors cash their annual EU funding cheques for supplies and services for these ‘migrants’, and organized criminals profit off of the misery of these poor people, the NATO member state governments spent billions in public funds training terrorists and flooding Syria and the Middle East with illegal arms and weapons for terrorists – and ruining the lives of millions of innocents. And this is one of the sordid byproducts of this disastrous policy…

“As night falls in Athens, the city’s squares turn seedy, and middle-aged European men can be seen chatting with teenage Syrian boys – a seemingly odd pairing of friends. Many of these youngsters are refugees who have resorted to selling themselves for as little as €10 just to eat. Some also choose drug pedaling and petty theft to survive. With no official documents or help from Greece’s immigration authorities, they are stranded in this horrific life. To escape, some consider abandoning their dream of living in Europe, and others even contemplate suicide.”

Run time: 26 min
Producers: TV NOVOSTI (2018)