Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen kickoff this week’s news from the UK Column.

START – Oxfam abuse allegations: Chief Executive – it’s the tip of the iceberg…
05:27 – Rohingya crisis: Boris to the rescue…modern colonialism…?
10:15 – Syria will no longer tolerate Israeli attacks on its military positions
16:40 – Russia: conventional strikes, no nukes if country is attacked
18:36 – Centre for Strategic & International Studies: Meeting the China challenge
22:16 – Brexit: Soros donates another £100,000 to derail democratic mandate…
23:14 – 21st Century Wire: Soros and others guilty of foreign meddling, not Russia
24:25 – Police to trial mobile fingerprinting: infringing lawful rights again…?
27:23 – Digital Justice: streamlining or creating more miscarriages of justice…?
32:35 – Julian Assange: Sweden tried to drop Assange extradition in 2013
34:35 – Barclays Bank: more serious fraud – any prosecutions yet…?
37:34 – Resolution Foundation: Debt distress and the consequences of raising rates
40:29 – French ‘The Voice’ singer quits show over ‘terrorism’ tweets…

CORRECTION: At the 12:24 mark, Patrick mistakenly reported the fake Israel image of the Israeli retaliatory strike in Syria was exposed by Elijah Magnier, In fact it was Syrian Girl.