Ian R. Crane: ‘The Mother Frackers just got seriously SPANKED!’

Anti-fracking activist Ian R. Crane is highly optimistic after yesterday's UK push back on Third Energy.


On Thursday, the fracking industry was dealt a major blow as UK business secretary Greg Clark demanded that Third Energy, a spin-off of Barclays, submit their full accounting before any decision can be made on their application to frack Kirby Misperton. According to anti-fracking activist Ian R. Crane, the announcement is quite possibly a watershed moment for the campaign against “The Mother Frackers.”

In Crane’s latest video report, he documented the new developments:

“Yesterday was an absolutely seminal day in the UK anti-fracking campaign, in particular of course the campaign against the Mother Frackers here in England. The Mother Frackers were seriously SPANKED, from so many different quarters…”

“And then to cap it all off last night, Greg Clark, finally, did what he is supposed to do, and demanded that Third Energy submit their accounts. And he basically stated that he was not going to sign off on the application by Third Energy to frack at Kirby Misperton until at the very least they had submitted their full accounts.”

“One way or another, Thursday, January 25th, 2018, I think was quite possibly the day in which the zeitgeist of the country just might have got through to the socio-psychopathic Mother Frackers who are determined do what it takes to further their addiction to greed but in the process destroy the ecology, to destroy the agricultural industry of this country.”

“And just maybe, just maybe, what we’re seeing, yesterday, is an insight into the lack of enthusiasm within the British government now to pursue an agenda that clearly does not have the support of the British people.”

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