This week, a Guardian journalist named Olivia Solon, based in San Francisco, was tasked with the job of attacking and slandering any independent journalists who have dared to challenge the Guardian’s own establishment party line on a UK government-funded ‘NGO’ run out of Turkey and erroneously branded as ‘Syrian Civil Defense’ aka the White Helmets (see links below).

In addition to slandering Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlet, Tim Anderson and Patrick Henningsen – all of whom have done extensive field work on the ground in Syria and the Middle East, The Guardian’s ‘technology writer’ Solon is claiming that any journalists or persons on social media who are skeptical of the western government-funded White Helmets are in fact part of an elaborate Russian government-run propaganda operation.

UK Column News co-anchors Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson deconstruct the Guardian’s latest conspiracy theory – which appears to be a masterclass in journalistic fraud, and one that’s specifically designed to slander and defame dissenting independent voices.