It seems that the mainstream media got off to a really poor start this week.

UK Column co-anchor Mike Robinson and 21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen with the day’s UK and international news rundown…

00:26 – Media on Trial event discussion;
02:08 – MainStream Media responds with fake news;
05:37 – The state of UK MainStream Media today;
11:02 – Brexit coverage: more fake news;
12:39 – PESCO: deepening EU defence cooperation despite Brexit;
18:09 – EU legal acts now being signed electronically;
19:23 – OECD: mayors continue to undermine nation states and democracy;
21:35 – ‘Independence’ movements also being used to break up nation states;
24:44 – Syria: Raqqa liberated;
30:28 – US State Department recognises use of chemical weapons by ‘Moderate rebels’;
32:00 – Russiagate continues: Fusion GPS refuses to give evidence;
34:03 – 1970 Non-Proliferation Treaty was ‘great achievement’ US upgrades their nukes;
36:05 – House of Lords: Clooney’s wife backed for seat.