Each week, 21WIRE will curate a series of informative documentary films designed to educate and enlighten our readers about many of the key issues facing people worldwide.

‘The War on Democracy’ is one of award-winning Australian filmmaker John Pilger’s most intimate film creations. In this film, Pilger takes an inside look at the Hugo Chavez epoch in Venezuela, the CIA coups and fascist takeover in Chile, as well as the American derailment of El Salvador, Guatemala and Bolivia. Pilger also traces the modern origins of the ‘death squad’. The film delicately chronicles the issues facing the people of South America before, during and after the brutal CIA years.

Watch this powerful documentary production

Run time: 1:34:00
Directors: John Pilger, Christopher Martin
Producers: Christopher Martin, Wayne Young
Editor: Joe Frost
United Kingdom/ Australia (2007)