Saturday, September 18, 2021



What’s Really Happening in Iran?

Caleb Maupin reporting for RT International

Obama White House Colluded with Facebook to Fabricate ‘Russian Bot’ Conspiracy

WASHINGTON DC – This week the Senate Intelligence Committee finally gave an update on its continuing investigation into whether Russia actually had anything to...

Henningsen on U.S. vs North Korea: ‘Wouldn’t You Want a Nuclear...

Regarding the current North Korea missile crisis, President Trump’s teleprompter-led address to the United Nations General Assembly was provocative, and perhaps counter-productive in terms of...

Henningsen: US on the Wrong Side of History in North Korea

The North Korean crisis took another turn this week. Yesterday, the UN Security Council passed a new round of sanctions against North Korea, following...

Henningsen: ‘One Man’s Collateral Damage is Another Man’s Wife and Children’

Last month, UN war crimes investigators described the situation in Raqqa, Syria resulting from US airstrikes as a “staggering loss of civilian life.” This from the...

Patrick Henningsen on Latest Russiamania ‘Nothing Big Mac’

We do know for sure: that the US mainstream media, especially the New York Times and CNN, cannot be trusted to cover this story...

#VirginiaShooting Debate: Patrick Henningsen, Code Pink and ‘Lionel’ Media

Earlier this week, a crazed gunman affiliated with America’s radical ‘progressive’ and ‘Never Trump’ movement attacked Republican members of Congress and their staff during...

Patrick Henningsen talks to RT International about the latest London attack

21WIRE's Patrick Henningsen talks to RT International about the London Bridge and Borough Market area attacks. As the UK General Election takes place in...

US Coalition Attacks Syrian Forces – Helping ISIS in the Process

Latest US-led attack on Syria strategically benefits ISIS terrorist forces on the ground.

Explained: The Astana Process, ‘De-escalation Zones’ in Syria

Patrick Henningsen talks to RT International about recent developments in Astana.